Our culture is based on core values like teamwork, hard work, and empowerment.

At Silver Air, we recognize that our most valuable resource is our people, with a diversity of backgrounds, ideas, and life experiences. We believe in talent who are excited to nurture an inclusive environment and who will add to our incredible culture. Respect flows both ways, and our company culture both informs and is informed by the amazing individuals who work with us. We hire intelligent, creative, and passionate professionals who are always learning and teaching—aviation experts who understand the big picture of private jets, customer care, and client relations.

If you are considering the question “Why Silver Air Private Jets?” you should ask yourself what you prioritize in company culture. If the answer includes an environment that is driven, innovative, warm, friendly, and known for its unique employee benefits, look no further. If making an impact on the world’s highest net-worth individuals sounds exciting to you, then now you must ask yourself “What am I waiting for?” We’re all hands-on deck here – we’re one team supporting and celebrating each other with each mission we take on. Time to step on board and join the crew!
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Silver Air is uniquely different than the rest. Our brand is built on the foundation of quality, transparency, advocacy, strong relationships, and value for our clients. Our number one priority is supporting our people to deliver an exceptional aviation experience for our clients. We are focused on quality over quantity in everything we do.

“A company with a progressive & positive culture that practices what it preaches. Great camaraderie across teams, centred around enjoying fulfilling work & creating a great product.”

“We believe our people are our greatest asset and we encourage contribution and collaboration. Utilizing the latest technologies interwoven with industry leading business practices ensures an environment of peak productivity and professionalism.”
Jason Middleton, CEO
“Silver Air takes pride investing in top talent with diverse backgrounds, ideas, opinions, and life experiences. We hire intelligent, creative, passionate professionals who enjoy personal growth, customer care, our community, and each other. ”
Anthony Schuck, Chief People Officer

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